Sleep Medicine Epidemiology
Brigham and Women's Hospital · Harvard Medical School

Slice 0.18.0

Simpler Design Editing


While entering data on sheets for designs has been straightforward, creating and editing designs has been a tedious process. This release streamlines the design editing and creation process by:

Adding Sections and Variables to a Design

Sections and variables can be quickly added to a design. The screenshot below shows the variety of options of types of questions and data that can be collected on a design. To add a section, we will click on the “Section” option.


Design Builder Part 2 in Slice


Next we want to provide a section name for our new section along with an optional description.

Design Builder Part 3 in Slice


After hitting “Insert”, we see the section displayed as it will display on the completed design. In order to collect data, a section itself is not enough, so we’ll select to insert a new variable. Note, that clicking to insert a variable or section will add it to that location on the design.


Design Builder Part 4 in Slice


We decide to select a numeric variable from the list of variables (not shown). We are then prompted to enter a display name for our new variable. The internal variable name is also displayed and will automatically conform to Slice’s variable naming conventions. It is possible to edit this internal variable name also if desired.


Design Builder Part 5 in Slice


Clicking on Editable Options

We have added our Weight variable. From here, we can further edit variable options, from text that appears around the data entry section (prepend, units, and append text), to changing the type of the variable, and also adjusting how the display name is shown on the design. The following screenshots display how we can edit the units of our new variable.


Design Builder Part 6 in Slice


We are given a popup box to edit our variable units. We will decide to collect weight in kilograms. It is also possible to edit the variable soft and hard range to enforce certain restrictions when the value is entered on the design.


Design Builder Part 7 in Slice


For variables with choices (drop downs, radio button groups, and checkboxes), the choices can be directly added and edited from the new design builder. Click “Add Choices” to add new choices to our “What operating system do you use?” variable.


Design Builder Part 8 in Slice


Variable domains require a name, along with options that consist of name-value pairs. An option could also be flagged as a Missing Code, which would allow for further filtering on reports provided by Slice.


Design Builder Part 9 in Slice


The options for radio and checkbox buttons can be displayed in three formats, specifically horizontally, vertically, or as a scale as is shown below. It is often useful to click the available display types to visually see the differences and to choose an option that works best on the particular design.


Design Builder Part 10 in Slice


Preview Mode

Now that we have entered several variables and sections, we can switch to “Preview Mode” to see what the survey looks like without additional design editing options. The screenshot below displays the survey that was built using the steps above.


Design Builder Preview Mode in Slice

We have a few other changes as well in this release which can be seen below:


Bug Fix