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Extended benefits of CPAP


I had this article pop up on my Google News alerts this week.

Results show that the mean number of nightmares per week fell significantly with CPAP use, and reduced nightmare frequency after starting CPAP was best predicted by CPAP compliance.

“Patients with PTSD get more motivated to use CPAP once they get restful sleep without frequent nightmares, and their compliance improves” said principal investigator Sadeka Tamanna, MD, MPH, medical director of the Sleep Disorders Laboratory at G.V. (Sonny) VA Medical Center in Jackson, Miss.

We worked with the VA Boston Healthcare System on our HeartBEAT clinical trial, and a quick gander back at the data gives an impression that the veterans in that study generally had higher CPAP compliance than participants from other sites. Nightmares and PTSD were not within the scope of HeartBEAT, but it would have been interesting to explore the factors that influenced CPAP compliance rates.

We have another VA collaboration in the works that is set to kickoff this year. Maybe the next discovery lies within!