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Task Tracker Release 0.28.0

Week View, Streamlined Filtering, and User Stats


We’ve released an update to Task Tracker that changes the default view that researchers see when they log in to Task Tracker, and also provides easier filtering across multiple views. We’ve also included a user stats page that breaks down a researchers tasks by tag and by project for a quick comparison.

The Week View

As researchers in our group are assigned more tasks, the default month view becomes unwieldy. To address this issue, we have changed the default view in Task Tracker to the Week view. The Week view combines information from a calendar view over the past couple of months along with a list view of tasks underneath the calendar visualization.

Days with a large amount of incomplete tasks are represented by a red background while days with a low number of incomplete tasks are shown with a yellow background. Days with all tasks completed are shown in green. In the screenshot below we can see that there is a large number of incomplete tasks on September 25th. Navigation is given by either clicking on the month name in order to go to the month view, or by clicking on a day to navigate to that particular week.

Week View in Task Tracker

Streamlined Filtering

Advanced filtering has been often requested by researchers. This release combines various requests for filtering by allowing researchers to specify the filters for any view (month, week, day, or list) in Task Tracker. Filters can be set and cleared, and navigating between views will retain the specified filters. Additionally, researchers can copy the url to create bookmarks for their favorite filters and list views.

Setting Filter in Task Tracker

User Stats

Task Tracker now provides quick statistics for researchers to provide a quick glimpse at task completion by tag and by project. Statistics are first broken down by tags, and are represented as a combination of completed and incomplete tasks.

Stats by Tag in Task Tracker

Projects also display the breakdown of incomplete tasks, and are sorted by the project with the largest amount of incomplete tasks first to quickly identify projects that are falling behind.

Stats by Project in Task Tracker


We’ve added the CHANGELOG here to provide some additional details. As always, please report issues and feature requests on the Task Tracker GitHub project issues page.


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