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Slice 0.21.0

Schedules and Project Page Redesign


This release introduces a new feature called Schedules along with a redesign to the Project Page.

Schedules and Events

Schedules are used to plan forms that a subject must fill out over a series of events. These events could be a baseline visit, a monthly call, or an initial meeting with the subject. The events are offset by a predetermined amount of days which can be set in the schedule. The first screenshot below displays a schedule which contains four events. The first and last event in the schedule, both of which are visits, require several forms to be completed at that event. Note that schedules now allow a single form to be collected at two distinct events (time points).

The second and third screenshots display two different subjects that are at different stages in each of their schedules. Selecting any of the entered or unentered designs from the subject page will allow the data to be entered or updated. We’re excited to see how our existing projects will leverage the new subject schedules and events, and we will also expand on this in upcoming releases.

Project Page Redesign

The project page has been redesigned into six key components each with a specific use for the project. The project is split into Collect, Explore, Setup, Share, About, and Activity.


The first screenshot reflects Slice’s strong focus on data collection. Our research staff spend most of their time entering various forms for subjects and participants, and will spend most of their time entering and reviewing sheets, and adding new subjects.


The second screenshot allows project managers and data managers the ability to export the data that has been collected in a variety of formats, as well as view preset reports, and create and save new reports.


While project setup is initially important, the emphasis on changing designs, events, and schedules becomes less important throughout the project. The third screenshot shows the setup tab that allows project editors to define exactly how they would like their data to be collected.


The fourth screenshot shows the share tab for the project where users can be added to the project as either an editor or a viewer. While editors can create, edit, and view everything on the project, viewers can only view sheets, subjects, and reports, and can make comments on existing sheets. The share page also displays site members. Site members are identical to project viewers with the small difference that site members can only view subjects and data collected for their site along with making comments on sheets.


The fifth screenshot displays the project documentation that includes includes project documents, news posts, contacts, and customized links. The tab provides additional project resources that a project manager may want the editors, viewers, and site members to view, i.e. MOPs, Study protocols, and other documentation. The links section also provides the project manager to set up links to commonly required reports, or links to other external sites and documentation.


The final screenshot display the activity tab for the project. Activity includes new sheets being created or updated, and comments being made on sheets. Activity provides a quick glance on what has happened on the project over the last week. Additionally, a short one day view of the activity that can be seen from any of the project tabs.

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