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Task Tracker Release 0.28.0

Week View, Streamlined Filtering, and User Stats


We’ve released an update to Task Tracker that changes the default view that researchers see when they log in to Task Tracker, and also provides easier filtering across multiple views. We’ve also included a user stats page that breaks down a researchers tasks by tag and by project for a quick comparison.

The Week View

As researchers in our group are assigned more tasks, the default month view becomes unwieldy. To address this issue, we have changed the default view in Task Tracker to the Week view. The Week view combines information from a calendar view over the past couple of months along with a list view of tasks underneath the calendar visualization.

Days with a large amount of incomplete tasks are represented by a red background while days with a low number of incomplete tasks are shown with a yellow background. Days with all tasks completed are shown in green. In the screenshot below we can see that there is a large number of incomplete tasks on September 25th. Navigation is given by either clicking on the month name in order to go to the month view, or by clicking on a day to navigate to that particular week.

Week View in Task Tracker

Streamlined Filtering

Advanced filtering has been often requested by researchers. This release combines various requests for filtering by allowing researchers to specify the filters for any view (month, week, day, or list) in Task Tracker. Filters can be set and cleared, and navigating between views will retain the specified filters. Additionally, researchers can copy the url to create bookmarks for their favorite filters and list views.

Setting Filter in Task Tracker

User Stats

Task Tracker now provides quick statistics for researchers to provide a quick glimpse at task completion by tag and by project. Statistics are first broken down by tags, and are represented as a combination of completed and incomplete tasks.

Stats by Tag in Task Tracker

Projects also display the breakdown of incomplete tasks, and are sorted by the project with the largest amount of incomplete tasks first to quickly identify projects that are falling behind.

Stats by Project in Task Tracker


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Task Tracker Release 0.26.0

Rails 4


Hot on the heels of our recent Slice release, our latest release of Task Tracker is now running on Rails 4! This release also includes a few bug fixes along with two minor features. While Task Tracker may not appear different on the surface, this release allows us to leverage future speed improvements, and provides a better code framework to facilitate speedier feature additions.

A complete list of changes include:

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Task Tracker 0.25.0

Updated Emails, Quick Search, Easier Tagging, PostgreSQL


In this release, Task Tracker receives some more polish, and provides some speed improvements from an update to the underlying database.

Updated Emails

We made changes to how Task Tracker sends and formats emails for comments on stickies. Task Tracker now sends the comment to everyone on the project the comment was made. In the past, this was not the case, and only the person assigned to the sticky was emailed, along with any other person who had made a comment. We feel that this change will promote better discussions on stickies. In addition to this, we have improved the format of sticky comment emails to allow users to quickly see the discussion history, and also the sticky in question without needing to click through the link to Task Tracker.

Old Comment Email

Old Comment Emails in Task Tracker

New Comment Email

New Comment Emails in Task Tracker

Quick Search

Task Tracker allows for quicker navigation through the use of a search box that will either direct you to a project, or to a group of stickies. You can quickly jump to the search box by typing P or by clicking on the search field. In the screenshot below, I am searching for my project named Task Tracker. The search field also allows to find specific groups of stickies by searching through available groups’ descriptions.

Quick Search and Navigation in Task Tracker


Easier Tagging

Tagging has also been improved when creating or updating a sticky.
Old Sticky Tag Selection in Task Tracker

New Sticky Tag Selection in Task Tracker

While the original tagging method worked well, the new method provides a larger area to click when quickly selecting tags. This interface change also impacts touch devices like iPhones and Android phones where it is more difficult to click tags on the phone’s web browser.

PostgreSQL Migration

PostgreSQL: The world’s most advanced open source database.

PostgreSQL Logo

As with our latest release of Slice, this release brings about our continued adoption of PostgreSQL. As the amount of information in Task Tracker grows, we’ve decided to go with PostgreSQL for better performance and scaling.

If you have any comments regarding this release, or thoughts on what you would like to see in Task Tracker in the future, feel free to comment below, or write us an email.

A full list of changes can be seen below:

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Task Tracker Release 0.24.0

Project Page and Repeating Stickies


We would like to wish our research staff a very happy new year with a new release of Task Tracker! We’ve added a newly redesigned project page that emphasizes Sticky Boards, Templates, and Tags, along with the ability to better find stickies and update stickies in bulk. We’ve also implemented a version of Repeating Stickies that allow stickies to be repeated when an existing sticky is completed.

Project Show Page

The project page is segmented into separate boards. A sticky can be added to a board, or it can reside in the Holding Pen. Boards can be archived as the number of boards increases over the life-cycle of a project.

Each board is then further split into three main sections, Completed, Past due, and Upcoming.

The Completed section contains all stickies that are completed. The Past due section shows all incomplete stickies due today and then goes backwards in time to show older stickies. Upcoming shows all incomplete stickies starting with those due today and going into the future.

Redesigned Project Page in Task Tracker

Stickies without a due date are located at the bottom of each section and can be filtered to the top by clicking the count of stickies as seen below.

Reversing the direction of stickies in Task Tracker

Selecting one or more stickies allows the stickies to be dragged to a board. In the picture below, 2 stickies are being moved from the current board back to the Holding Pen.

Dragging Multiple Stickies in Task Tracker

Stickies can also be tagged in bulk by dragging the selected stickies over the desired tag. If all the stickies already contain the tag, then the tag is instead removed from the selected stickies.

Repeating Stickies

We have received many requests to implement repeating stickies. In order to avoid clutter that can be introduced by repeating stickies, we have used the following implementation.

Creating a Repeating Sticky in Task Tracker

When creating a sticky, you have the option to select how many days, weeks, months, or years later you want to create the repeating sticky based on the due date of the current sticky. The repeated sticky is only created once the initial sticky is completed. We do this to avoid research staff from having an ever increasing number of stickies if they are absent from Task Tracker for some time.

Repeating Sticky on the Calendar in Task Tracker

We have made a few other changes to Task Tracker that you can see here:

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Task Tracker Android Release 0.2.0

Create Projects, Edit and Delete Stickies


We’ve released a new version of the Task Tracker Android app that now allows projects to be created, and stickies to be edited and deleted from within the app.

We’ve also added the ability to tag stickies, and now display the tags more prominently on the sticky show page. You can download the latest version of the Task Tracker Android App from the Google Play Store!

 Android app on Google Play

A full list of changes include:

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Task Tracker Android Release 0.1.0

Create and Filter Stickies, View Projects


We’ve released an update to the Task Tracker Android mobile app!

The Task Tracker Android app now allows users to view stickies by project, to view completed, past due, and upcoming stickies, and also to create stickies from within the application itself. We’ve also cleaned up the interface to look more consistent across various size mobile devices.

 Android app on Google Play

A full list of changes include:

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10,000th Sticky in Task Tracker!


Yesterday, September 10, 2012 at 2:54pm (EST), one of our new staff members Andrew Chambers created the 10,000th sticky in Task Tracker. The sticky was created 1.5 years after the first sticky in the system created on March 03, 2011 by Michael Rueschman.

10,000th Sticky Unlocked!

Congratulations to the entire research team for such an achievement!

We’ll be putting together some fun statistics for the first 10,000 stickies in Task Tracker, so keep an eye on our blog and twitter feed!

Task Tracker Android Release 0.0.0

Available on Google Play


We’re proud to release the first version of the Task Tracker Android mobile app on the Google Play store!


 Android app on Google Play

Currently, the Task Tracker mobile app allows you to connect to Task Tracker and view tasks assigned to you.



We’re willing to prioritize new features based on your feedback. A few features we are already considering for the next update include:

Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions on the Task Tracker Android app in the comments below!

UPDATE: For those using Partners LDAP or Google App logins, you’ll need to select “Forgot your password?” on the site and create a new app specific password since the other two methods aren’t yet available in the app. Also, for our researchers, make sure to change the Task Tracker URL to: as this is the internal version used by ABC and BestAIR. Thanks!

Task Tracker Release 0.23.0

Daily Digest and Reassigning Stickies


We decided to take a look at some of our most recently requested changes and additions for Task Tracker and the following items have made the cut!

For those users who prefer having one comprehensive view of the stickies that were added and completed during the day, we have added daily email digests. The digest includes stickies that were completed in the past day, comments that were added, and stickies that were added.

Also included is the ability to reassign stickies from one person to another in bulk. From the projects page, a project owner can now reassign not-completed or completed stickies to a new person. Project owners can now also invite users via email to their project for users who have not yet signed up in Task Tracker.

For those who like to drag stickies on the calendar view, grouped stickies can now be dragged together or independently by prompting the user when a grouped sticky is being dragged. The calendar view has also had a couple of minor GUI improvements that provide a cleaner view of the calendar.

A list of changes include:

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Task Tracker Release 0.22.0

Twitter Bootstrap


A few months ago, Mike showed me a site that used a responsive design layout.  Also known as fluid design, the web site layout changed dynamically with the size of the browser, essentially allowing it to adapt to sizes from mobile devices all the way to full-screen desktop monitors.  This responsive design allowed the web site to fully utilize the screen space that was available without limiting and hindering functionality on smaller devices.

At RailsConf 2012, Mike and I decided to take a look at Twitter Bootstrap. Twitter Bootstrap is an open-source project that defines a base set of stylesheets and JavaScript to generate a web layout that works consistently across a variety of mobile devices and modern desktop browsers. Given that Twitter is used by at least 5 people (3 on mobile devices, 1 on a desktop, and 1 who sends tweets via smoke signals), we thought it would be an appropriate framework for Task Tracker.

The 22nd release of Task Tracker now includes a responsive design that can be easily navigated on mobile devices, and with broader support for modern web browsers.

We hope you like the new look and web site navigation!

A short list of changes include:

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